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Experience, Business, Comedy

A unique approach to learning how to grow your business individually, as a team or as an owner. Toby Price who has been in the industry for 17 years, salon owner and educator for 12 years and international Educator for John Paul Mitchell systems for 10 year has teamed up with Elijah Tadema who has been doing professional improve comedy for 14 years. With their “Powers combined” they have created a workshop (actually we prefer to call it a fun shop) that will help you laugh your way to a more successful career. Whether a student, stylist, independent stylist or salon owner this is for you to set goals and dreams through factual and trackable systems while laughing the whole way. For more information on scheduling, cost and details for your scenario please email


Education is so valuable today, it is available at our finger tips with YouTube all social media outlets and more. The one thing that those education formats don’t give is the personal connection and that is why we offer on site education for you, your salon or even your school. If you are interested in education at any level please email describing the type of education you are desiring and we can customize directly to your needs.

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